What Does Whitelash Mean?

What Does Whitelash Mean?


The Pan AfRAkan Soccer Tournament 2011

The annual Pan Afrikan soccer tournament was a resounding success! This year the tournament was held on Sunday June 19th at Brewers Park opposite Carlton University. We had a good turnout of people in honour of Fathers Day to have fun and participate in the festivities. On the field the competition consisted of six strong teams that represented the various nationalities and cultures of the Ottawa region. The teams were Liberia, Brazil, Haiti, Madagascar, Bosnia, and Libya. This year the tournament was sponsored by Libya who donated a beautiful new trophy for the top prize.

The tournament kicked off promptly at noon under beautiful sunny skies and perfect wind conditions. Spectators and family members of the players were treated to a series of matches that saw several exciting goals scored. Teams played hard resulting in several contentious episodes between rival sides but the refs managed the games well and everyone kept their cool. Each team played two qualifying games after which several strong teams emerged as possible contenders for the cup. After the qualifiers Brazil, Haiti, Libya, and Madagascar moved on while Liberia and Bosnia were knocked out. 

For the first game of the semi-final round the skilled Brazilians went up against a determined Madagascar team in perhaps the most exciting game of the day. When it was over Brazil emerged as the victor with a 2 to 1 score. The second semi-final match saw the strong willed Libyans go up against the speedy Haitian team. Libya fought hard but the Haitians were just too quick for them. It was a match that was fought hard to the very end but with several injured players Libya’s will power just couldn’t carry them over the top. Haiti moved on with a 1 to nil score.  

Finally with the time approaching 9:00 pm and the sun fading fast the championship match was kicked off. The well rested Brazil team were first to put the ball past the Haitian goalkeeper but by half time the Haitians had equalized the score. In the second half the Brazilians turned up the heat and the Haitians couldn’t keep up. The speedy Brazilian forwards out ran the Haitian defenders time after time but couldn’t put the ball in the net. Finally with time winding down they managed to go up 2 goals to 1 and held on for the win. The jubilant Brazilians are the 2011 Pan Afrikan Soccer Tournament winners! 

On behalf of the organizers and participants we would like to thank the Libyan Canadian Community Organization for their generous donation of the trophy and medals. We would like to also thank all the volunteers who worked very hard to make this tournament possible. Thanks to DJ Phoenix for providing the musical entertainment. We look forward to a bigger and better tournament next year with great anticipation.


"Weaponized" E-Coli Outbreak?

According to some doctors and researchers, The most virulent strain of E. coli that they have ever seen, which produces the dangerous Shiga toxin is afflicting Germany.

It is more plausible that this superbug was bioengineered to be resistant to 8 antibiotic medications than of this having occurred naturally.

All it takes to become sickened is about 100 bacteria -- which isn't much in the world of bacteria, which are normally counted by the millions. After an incubation period of two to 10 days, patients experience watery or bloody diarrhea.

Scientists are also wondering why the bacteria does not affect children as much as adults.

Does this bacteria only target a certain population group?

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Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival, Not!

caribana parade 2009Image via Wikipedia

So I see it is no longer “wi carnival” in Toronto. The long embattled Caribbean Cultural Committee that owns the trademark name Caribana has lost out to the city controllers. Many people might not see the significance of this but to me it signals the death of a cultural tradition. It is a serious blow for not only the committee itself but also of the carnival as an entity owned by people of Caribbean descent. Sure it happened before but this time it is for good because those who have secretly wished to gain full control before have finally succeeded. The ongoing dispute has been over money and control since the festival is one of the consistently top grossing festivals in the world.

Although it was started to celebrate Caribbean culture in Canada, Caribana has long become an off shoot of the Trinidad carnival. As a non Trini but having been around carnival for many years I have come to appreciate the complexity of the culture of “carnival” as it is known in the community. Those who only notice the festival on its biggest weekend that takes place on the first weekend of August each year might not realize that it officially runs for two weeks and climaxes with the parade and island picnic. Or even that the buzz in the community starts a full 3 to 4 months before all that with the launching of the individual Mas Camps. Indeed those who are not of Caribbean descent might be even more naive, not realizing that the culture of carnival is a year long undertaking.

The building of costumes and floats takes a certain expertise that requires years of training and professionalism. The skills and expertise of the master craftsmen of carnival has been slowly eroding away as many of them retire or pass away. Rest in peace to Nip Davis. Over the years the new generations of young revelers have taken up simpler non traditional costumes than the elaborate wire and mesh and Paper Mache of old. Today most bands are happy to “jump” in bras and panties decorated with a few feathers or simply t-shirts and shorts. Even more detrimental is the emergence of ready-made costume from China that will no doubt add to the slow death of the carnival traditions.

It is for those reasons and many more that the taking over of the festival by those who only see the financial benefits is a signal of its impending demise. Sure it will go on. With money a show can always be staged but we are talking about traditions. The festival was started in order to celebrate the cultural traditions of the people of Caribbean descent. What it will turn into is a party in the streets, only to be celebrated by the young who in most cases were born in Canada so their idea of carnival is to dress half naked and wine-up to the music.

They will forget the traditions of carnival and eventually the costumes, the steel bands, and elaborately decorated floats will go. People will no longer bother to venture into the city to see what they can go to a night club to see. By that time if the financial benefits have not all disappeared the situation will be too rowdy for the police to control like Memorial Day weekend in South Beach Miami and they will shut it down. Remember you were warned, no culture no values.

Making Plans For Nigel

The Plot to Kill the AfRAkan

This morning while listing to my favorite news program on the radio I heard an interview with a so called “Population expert”. The title of the segment was “World Population Projected to Surpass 9 Billion by 2050”. This was not surprising because I have been hearing the same thing before on a consistent basis. Some are even predicting that by 2100 the world population could hit 15 billion.

I suppose the concern is justified because there are so many areas of the planet where famine and drought is ravaging entire populations. Aid organizations make a business out of preaching about the dire conditions of the so called “Third World”. There is no doubt that there is a crisis but what is cause for alarm to me is what these so called population experts are proposing. 

One foreign policy analyst working for the center for population growth singles out AfRAka as the target region that they will be working on reducing population growth. She pointed out that AfRAkan fertility rates averaging 6.5 children per family as too high and the target goal should be around 2.1. Why are they picking on AfRAka especially when other so called experts are pointing out that fertility rates in the Middle East and South Asia are much higher?

The rate of population growth of the various countries of the world is calculated by determining the differences between their birth rates and death rates. Although most countries populations continue to rise on a consistent basis, most experts say that world population trends have experienced a surge in the past 40yrs due to the baby boomer effect in the developed world and not the third world. That analysis was quickly countered with the suggestion that some births in developing countries are not registered.  Which leaves me to ask, if they are not registered in the first place then how can they be included in statistics? 

The plan therefore is to create a crisis then step in to offer solutions. One of the things that they say is that contraception is lacking in AfRAka. Many AfRAkans would love to have more forms of birth control. They even site studies that show that contraception was introduced in communities in Kenya that at first did not want it but after awhile it became completely accepted. I guess it is like saddling a wild horse. At first it resists but once you show that the saddle poses no harm the horse loves it. Wow! Come and save us from ourselves mr european.

These “animal tamers” are going as far as pointing out that the more educated someone is it’s the less they want to have children and that wealth also has the same affect. University educated reasoning; The more money one has the less he/she will reproduce. Does Arnold Schwarzenegger know about that one? What about John Edwards? Wouldn’t you think that one of the solutions to help the Africans would be to stop raping the continent of its resources and let the afrakans develop their own wealth. By that logic they would be wealthy and therefore not have so many children?

Their solutions. They point out that if the population in AfRAka continues to grow unchecked it could triple from 1 billion to 3.6 billion by century’s end. Their solutions therefore are to further intervene in the development of AfRAka. They plan to implement psychological measures through Aid organizations. By expanding education about contraception they will try to re-educate and indoctrinate western values on the AfRAkan.

At the same time if they are not doing so already they will  spray pesticides laced with disease causing microbes that will make their way up through the food chain undetected. These microbes will form cancer and other diseases. They will do the same with the water supply. They will cut funding for AIDS research and Malaria. They will covertly incite conflict and war among the different tribes. They will flood AfRAka with drugs and increase tobacco and alcohol sales and call it free enterprise.

Ultimately they will say that they are not trying to tell the AfRAkan how to live, they are simply providing better choices for their benefit. They will call themselves humanitarians but we know how and by what means the devil operates.

How To Enter And Feed Your Brain

Your Brain is the friendliest organ you have. Unfortunately, you've never learned how to enter her world to share her GREAT WISDOM with you. Your Brain is very important because it is the center of consciousness. Consciousness is what defines your present reality based on the efficiency of your sensory organs. In order to Enter and Feed Your Brain you need to know how it works.

First we begin by entering your Brain. How do you know if your brain is functioning properly if you cannot get into it, test, and tune it up. There is means to get you where you want to go, no Shrink or Brain Surgeon necessary. The Dohgon BSI Test is your Brain Ship, or call it Brain rocket to jettison you into the deepest unexplored layers of your brain.

The Dohgon BSI Test is the essential system because it stimulates your brain to function with what the Dohgon describe as DUALITY Communications. DUALITY Communication causes your 2 brain hemispheres to acknowledge what’s external to you and what has always been internal to you. Now, discover what’s always been internal to you in order to make relevant with what’s currently external to you with the following:

Who Am I?
What’s My purpose In Life?
What’s My Responsibility as A human?
Am I Sincere about My Actions?
Am I Exploitative of others Weaknesses?
Am I always Thinking only about Myself at the expense of Others?

The purpose of the BSI test is neurological. It will discover the state of synchronicity between your 2 brain hemispheres. Take a look at the 2 brains above. This test about discovering the problems that affect your mind is a very easy test. You will perform this test in your own kitchen or living room. The test is repetitive at 3 levels, with each level rising to a more difficult level of challenge.

Think of your stria that connects both brain hemispheres as your shoe laces. The shoe lace is a communicator. Its purpose is to ensure that each foot is adequately secure within the confines of each shoe. The tight feeling you get when you tie your shoe laces reassures your safety and enhances your ability to perform properly on your feet. In effect, your shoe laces communicate synchronized sensory feeling within each foot.

Once this feeling is accepted, you can now walk, run, dance and perform many tasks without worrying about tripping and falling. If you do not tie your shoe laces properly, you know that sooner or later, you'll be tripping. This will make you uncomfortable, unstable and anxious. Imagine this type of feeling and many more that you get with loose stria nerves between your brain hemispheres.

Take the BSI Test to discover how these features have been permeating within you for all your life. The SOLUTIONS are in your hands. STOP covering your back and START exposing your moral CONSCIENCE. Request the BSI Test and discover whether your stria nerves which connect your 2 brain hemispheres, are tight or loose. Only then can you begin to learn how to feed your Brain.


War In The Neural Zone

The Sodium Ion Bullet Unfriendly Fire

The Arizona shooter was a problem waiting to happen. Sodium Ion bullets were firing randomly in his neural zones for a long time. Authorities knew about it, but could not make peace within him. Thousands of such conditions are happening with children taking guns to school and shooting at their teachers.

What is the problem? Disjointed Mental Concentration is the problem! Professor MOmOH (The Man Who Knows Everything) identified the problem long ago and only he has the solution! Fix these concentrations, solve the pain. Save society!

Here is how he solves the problem with “The War In The Neural Zone”. He uses the ancient African method. It is the Eye Of Heru code. With this method professor MOmOH shows you all the hidden functions of the two brain hemispheres. Your left and right brains as well as the Corpus Callosum. The Corpus Callosum is the material that connects the two hemispheres and facilitates interhemispheric communication.

Observe the organic numbers that you see in the video projecting out of the Ion image. These numbers actually traverse inside the left brain and then they initiate more waves inside the vesicles in the left brain. These waves then begin to attract nerves within your Corpus Callosum straya.

So in affect you have the numbers and waves constantly going from left brain through straya Corpus Callosum to right brain. What the Eye of Heru does is it sends out force fields. These force fields are waves. The waves traverse every memory bringing solutions.

Observe the video with the two brain hemispheres with the different color waves passing back and forth between. The solution to these problems comes with the different harmonic waves and colors that you see. There is a very interesting dynamic happening within your brain that traditional MRI machines will not measure.

At the Dohgon University of Thought they don’t play games with your brain. They don’t fool around with all that fake “read your mind” stuff. What they do is they give you a very abstract system that works. That is what you and your child are going to get with the Dohgon solution.

Professor MOmOH has designed a six step approach to completely resolve the problem.

0) Steady visual scanning and viewing
1) Skilled Corpus Callosum Information Processing
2) Left-Right Brain Referencing
3) Left-Right Brain Collaborative Effort
4) Eye-Hand Conscious Implementation
5) Speech-Sound Conscious Implementation

Get the Dohgon Numbers Cure Now!